Strike Stick™

Strike Stick Offensive Line

The most advanced tool on the market for developing a proper strike. Learning the skill of proper striking requires a high amount of volume. A problem with offensive line, the amount of volume required to engrain high level motor control takes a toll on the shoulders and elbows. The Strike Stick™ not only drastically reduces the level of impact on the joints, it educates the player on how to properly “screw” the shoulder in, which creates a more powerful strike and better overall body control. The Strike Stick™ is the ultimate tool in your arsenal for offensive line development.  Patent Pending

It’s a tool that’s allowed me to grow as a player. As players, we are always looking for things to make us better, most of them don’t work. The benefits of training with the strike stick shows up in my performance.
— Larry Warford, Guard, Detroit Lions

$179 ea.